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We're not just consultants; we're passionate advocates of knowledge uplift. Our success is rooted in empowering clients to self-manage and mature their practices.

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Jacquie Chan (EAN founder) 

JC Consulting

Jacquie has over three decades of technology delivery experience specializing in portfolio development, requirements management and standing up Center of Expertise. She prides herself in enabling professionals and corporations to uplift their capabilities through transparency and evidence of work. Her measure of success is her clients’ self-sufficiency.

Jacquie Chan, Jacquie Chan Consulting

Daniel Gagnon (EAN founder) 

Agile Leader Academy

Daniel Gagnon is a prominent organizational agility advisor and one of two Disciplined Agile Fellows globally. A dedicated servant leader and ethical disruptor with nearly three decades of experience. Focuses on fostering genuine organizational agility, co-developing workshops and certifications like ICP-LEA with Bruno Collet at Agile Leader Academy.

Daniel Gagnon, Agile Leader Academy

Bruno Collet is a highly regarded advisor and coach specializing in organizational transformation and leadership. With extensive experience in Canada and Europe, he emphasizes agility and respect for people. He  provides certifications like PMI-ACP and is an accredited ICAgile instructor, making significant contributions to organizational development.

Bruno Collet, Agile Leader Academy

Janice Carson,

Off the Page Creations

With 20+ years of communication experience, Janice engages audiences through diverse mediums, excelling in video production, content management, and knowledge hub development. Her expertise  in disseminating information across channels contributes significantly to driving growth and achieving success.

Janice Carson, Off the Page Creations

Laura MacNeil

Elemental Shift

With over 20 years of demonstrated effectiveness, Elemental Shift guides global and local clients through paradigm shifts with transformational program support. Balancing strategic vision and operational logistics, in both waterfall and agile delivery models, we work top-down to align leadership and bottom-up to gain momentum.

Laura MacNeil, Elemental Shift

Brent Reed


We empower teams and organizations to enhance and accelerate their development and operational value streams through a cutting-edge IT approach. Our expertise fuels Enterprise Architecture and DevOps, leveraging AI/ML to unleash remarkable IT capabilities.

Brent Reed, Tactec

With a creative spirit and technical expertise, I breathe life into conceptual ideas, meticulously crafting captivating digital content through the medium of video and photography. My passion is helping businesses convey their unique narratives and visions to the world, leaving a lasting impression.

​James Ton, James Ton Productions

Sumeeta Kohli

GLocal Marketing

Sumeeta, a seasoned marketing expert and business leader, has over two decades of experience in marketing, innovation, technology, and community service. She founded Glocal Marketing, providing innovative solutions for global clients. As a community leader, she drives impactful change through expertise in board governance, diversity, equity, inclusion, and arts and culture.

​Sumeeta Kohli, GLocal Marketing

Milind Bhargava

Mjolnir Security

Milind Bhargava, a cybersecurity expert with 15+ years of experience, excels in resilience, incident management, and threat assessments. Leading cyber response efforts, he demonstrates strong crisis management skills, speaks at conferences, mentors talents, and promotes public cybersecurity awareness.

​Milind Bhargava, Mjolnir Security

Linda Lee is a Project Management consultant, coach, mentor, and mentee who's taking on various roles within the discipline including Project Manager, Methodology Advisor, Business Transformation Lead, and Head of multiple Projects Management Offices (PMO). Her approach focuses on people and value; believing that it's the people behind the methodology who are the true key to organizational success. 

​Linda Lee Remba Business & Management Coach