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One person, One project, One workshop at a time.

Jacquie Chan Consulting

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Our Partners

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As Engagement Alliance Network (EAN) members, we are viable alternatives to large consulting firms, bringing decades of experience in our respective disciplines to our clients’ action plans. We pride ourselves in getting the job done --- getting in and out. We are trusted advisors and valued partners to our clients, providing honest guidance and advice.

Engagement Alliance Network

Indie-Consultancy Servicing Our Clients Better Together

We envision a day when our clients can confidently self-manage and self-deliver, reducing costly consulting engagements.


We are an enabling force, operating with complete transparency to demystify methodologies and techniques, to mature client capabilities, and to boost organizational confidence.


Often, during client engagements, expertise is needed in different domains; your Engagement Alliance Network (EAN) member will make an introduction --- with no strings attached --- to our trusted partner in the other areas of specialization.

We want the most cost-effective and impactful outcomes possible.

How We Work